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Textilross  is a well-established brand in the production of knitted fabrics for special uses, born with a particular focus in the production of gussets for underwear and tights.

It was established in 1987 by Engineer Alberto Oldrini with the mission of producing fabrics for particular technical and quality requirements.

In a short time it has been characterized by the realization of extremely light and elastic fabrics, which do not ladder under stress ensuring maximum comfort and the ability to minimize waste and interruptions during the knitting processing.

Our streamlined and versatile reality allows us to produce fabrics for the most varied applications, from sport-technical apparel to furnishing fabrics.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and to the highly-skilled personnel, today it is characterized by the high quality of its products and “craftsmanship” of the production process.

For our customer a customized product is designed, just like in a shop of a craftsman, suited to solve his own needs and that makes him competitive in the market through exclusivity and quality.