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Smart fabrics with innovative and functional yarns

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Besides our fabrics for underwear, we use innovative and functional fibers which lead us to propose a collection of smart fabrics with special features:

  • CRABYON: we use CRAB-MOD, a mixture of Crabyon and Micromodal with natural antibacterial properties, regenerating and soothing for skin. The special feature of this fabric is the extreme softness, which make it very comfortable and suitable in contact with skin.
  • BIOMINERALS: we use yarns with biominerals to realize performing fabrics. The fabric obtained in contact with skin transforms body heat into FIR rays, which are transmitted to the skin. Some of the benefits are the stimulation of microcirculation, skin toning and oxygenation.
  • RECYCLED AND BIODEGRADABLE: we produce fabrics with recycled and biodegradable for underwear and thights gussets.
  • THERMAL FABRIC: we use an innovative yarn which is a mixture of a special viscose and microacrylic fibre. Thanks to its special structure, it keep the body temperature regular and it is breathable. Very soft it is good for underwear, nightwear and comfortwear.

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