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Recycled Poliammide and Biodegradable Poliammide


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We are happy to announce our new sustainable collection of fabrics for underwear and gussets for tights made entirely with sustainable yarns.

We always have been using innovative and sustainable solutions for our productions. Our collection today is enriched also with fabrics and gussets made with recycled poliammide, derived from production waste, and biodegradable poliammide, which enables garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills.

Below some of our fabrics compositions:

Art. 100% recycled poliammide

Art. 50% recycled poliammide + 50% cotton

Art. 61% recycled poliammide + 39% cotton

Art. 100% biodegradable poliammide

Art. 50% biodegradable poliammide + 50% cotton

Art. 61% biodegradable poliammide + 39% cotton

Our product can be customized for specific needs and are offered in each kind of cuts (open fabric, rolls, gussets in rolls or other shapes).

For any requests don’t hesitate to contact us!